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Does the divorce process seem overwhelming and stressful?
The divorce process can be intimidating and painful to navigate. When you are ready, we are here to support you, provide you with tools for dealing with your partner, clearly explain the process and what you are entitled to, and to ensure that you are in compliance with all court rules and orders.
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Unsure of how to co-parent when you were never married?
When you need help understanding the law and how it applies to your specific case with regard to parenting time and child support after a breakup, we will help you determine what works best for your unique situation with practical advice and guidance.
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Who will care for your children or receive your assets at the time of your death?
Let us meet your estate planning needs, allowing you to select the people who will care for your children emotionally and financially, and choose who will receive your prized possessions.
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Why we're here.

We’re here to protect you and put you at ease when you need it most.

At the Law Office of Ellen M. Ross, we believe that being able to see and accept the true circumstances of your life is the first step in being able to make changes that will transform your life into what it should have always been. We are here to help you recognize and understand how the unique facts of your case should be addressed in the context of Colorado law as well as offering a practical approach to dealing with the day-to-day frustrations of divorce and family law issues. Our goal is to assist you in reaching an outcome that addresses your current needs and considers the long-term consequences.

I hired Ellen Ross for my divorce and she was professional and efficient. Ellen Ross is experienced and knowledgeable about handling messy divorces…I highly recommend her to anyone needing excellent legal help.


What we do.

We stand up for you when you need someone in your corner.

Divorce and negotiating parenting time and child support when you were never married are difficult issues to address. You may have decided that it is in your best interest to take control and end the relationship. When you come to the Law Office of Ellen M. Ross, you can expect to be fiercely protected and supported by an attorney who gives practical advice, helps you set boundaries and understands that you may have to continue to deal with your significant other beyond the breakup. 

If you don’t have an estate plan, we will create one for you that will ensure that your children are cared for by the people you choose and that your assets will be distributed how you desire, not by the courts nor by an intervener.

She answered all my questions about my divorce case and helped me understand just how the process works. She fought for everything I was entitled to and never compromised along the way.


Our History

The Law Office of Ellen M. Ross opened in 2008, with a primary focus on Family Law. The mission of the firm is to assist clients in reaching an agreement with their dignity intact and with minimal conflict. If an agreement cannot be reached, we zealously prepare to present your matter in court and fiercely protect your interests. We also prepare estate plans, ensuring that our client’s children will be cared for and that their assets are distributed as they desire.

Years in practice
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When you come to the Law Office of Ellen M. Ross for legal counsel, you can expect to be kept informed every step of the way. You will be copied on all correspondence and sent copies of all documents in your file.  

We speak to you in language you can understand. We walk you through the divorce process and thoroughly explain what to expect. You will receive guidance that is designed to make your experience less stressful such as how to better interact with your partner or former partner, what you can reasonably expect as you proceed with your matter, and what a fair settlement is.

The statute requires that a couple must wait 91 days after filing the Petition for Dissolution or after you or your partner have received the Petition whichever is later, in order to be divorced. However, depending on how contentious the parties are toward each other, it could take months before a couple is divorced. We encourage amicable divorces without sacrificing your rights, when possible, to allow you to more quickly move on with your life.

We charge an hourly rate for all of the work that we perform. Unfortunately, the total cost you will incur depends on many factors. The primary factor that increases the cost is how well the parties cooperate with each other or how contentious the interactions are. We attempt to diffuse escalating situations while protecting your rights. Other factors to consider are the complexity of your case. Is one party self-employed? Do you have significant debt with little means to pay? Do you have significant assets that are not liquid? The more complex cases take time to identify and understand all of the issues related to them.

Yes. A significant number of cases that the firm handles are cases where the parties did not employ attorneys at the time of the initial divorce or determination of parental responsibilities, and now they have a disagreement. Often the issue in those matters is, “What was the intent of the parties?” You cannot enforce an agreement if the agreement is not clear. It takes a significant amount of time and attorney fees to prove the intent of the parties and then enforce it.  In those instances when you do not hire an attorney to represent you, it is a good idea to at least consult with one to learn what you are entitled to before you start negotiating, and it is imperative to consult with an attorney to review or draft your agreement. Attorneys are trained to identify issues you may not have considered. For the partner who is adamant that you do not seek legal assistance, ask yourself, “What is this person trying to hide? Why doesn’t he/she want me to find out what I’m entitled to?”  Your interactions may begin amicably; however, our experience has been that it does not always end that way.

No, one attorney cannot represent both parties to a Dissolution of Marriage nor to an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities matter. It is a conflict of interest. Both parties should have their own attorney represent them or, at the very least, review their agreement. If you agree on all of the issues and only need an attorney to draft your agreement, you can retain one attorney to draft the necessary documents. Be aware that the attorney cannot give you or your former partner advice.

Typically, you will have to appear in court for what is called an Initial Status Conference. The court wants to know the status of your matter and what is necessary for your matter to progress. Does anyone need financial assistance from their partner in a divorce matter? What parenting time is in the best interest of the children in a divorce and parental responsibilities matter? Regarding the final outcome, most matters do not go to court. We work diligently to settle your case without going to trial.

If you do not have a will, your assets may not be distributed as you intended. Creating a will gives you sole discretion to make the decision of who receives your assets and when. If you have minor children, a will allows you to direct who will care for them and who will manage the funds used for their care. The absence of a will can fuel disharmony among family members who may have different ideas of who should receive your prized possessions and who should care for your children. 

If you quitclaim your home to your children during your lifetime, there may be tax consequences. Additionally, when you leave assets to your children in your will versus making them co-owners during your lifetime, your beneficiaries can incur significant financial consequences when they sell the property. A will protects against this unintended consequence, potentially saving your beneficiary thousands.

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